Welcome! This page contains my research. I am a former associate professor of philosophy.

I have given a solution to the Liar Paradox based on the premise that language is conventional. You can read about it in The Signalman Against the Glut and Gap Theorists and in Ch. 5 of my book.

I have also developed semantic conventionalism, a nominalistic philosophy of mathematics. Its central thesis is that mathematics should be founded on the human ability to create language. That is what the rest of my new book is about.

My most important current project is a Bayesian solution to the problem of induction; see the two draft papers "Inductive Reasoning in Simple Worlds" and "Turning the Tables on Hume".

I have also worked on intuitionismsupertasksprobability theorydecision theory, and Montague Grammar.

In addition, I have created The Logic Editor, where you can do natural deduction proofs in propositional logic.

My CV is available here